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Help With Random Screen blinks - 5700 XT - Two Screens

Question asked by rafaelbortman on Apr 29, 2020

When my PC is connected to my TV, they both randomly blinks every few minutes, this blink usually takes like 1 sec and it happens regardless of whether the TV is on or off.

The PC freezes during the blink, losing all control. This could seems not a big problem, but in the middle of FPS games it makes all the difference. This also happens when the GPU is idle, like browsing the internet or even doing nothing at all (the desktop blinks).

If I disconnect my TV HDMI from the computer, it seems to solve the problem (but then I lose the TV).

I had a GTX 970 before and it was ok, I just bought this 5700 XT.

Also, this blink seems to be like when I turn on my TV, like a device being connected.


Please, help me fix this, it’s impossible to play that way and also it’s not easy to disconnect the HDMI cable off whenever I want to play in the monitor (and I guess that probably isn’t the safe way to fix the problem).



My attempts (none of them work - the only thing that "fixes" the problem is disconnecting the HDMI cable):

Clean last drivers installation (DDU)

Deactivated the virtual resolution and the GPU scaling

Tried to keep GPU scaling activated in both screens

Tried to change the pixel format and the refresh rate of the TV and the monitor

Tried to project only the monitor (disabling the TV with Win+P) - incredibly this also didn't work

Tried to change de TV resolution (today is 3840x2160, but I tried 1920x1080, as the monitor is).

Tried also to enable/disable almost every other option in Adrenaline.



Percetions with GPU-Z during a game in this 1 second:

The GPU Clocks goes from 1900+- to 800

The GPU Load goes from 99% to 0-1%

Memory Controller Load goes from 45% +- to 0%

GPU Chip Power Draw goes from 165+- to 29

Therefore, there’s a little fall in the GPU temperature



- Monitor AOC 24" 144hz G2460PF (DP) - Freesync On

- TV Philco 65" 60hz PH65G60DSGWAG (HDMI)


PC Configuration:


CPU: Intel I5 8600k


RAM: Memória HyperX Predator 2x8GB 3000mhz

OS: Windows 10

PSU: EVGA 750w BQ 80+ Bronze