CPU and GPU too hot (99 Celsius)

Discussion created by ecc9 on Apr 29, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by mccharle

Hello everyone.


Last year, in around november? i bought an asus tuf fx505dd


cpu: ryzen 5 3550h

gpu: gtx 1050 3gb

ram: 8gb
screen: 60hz


and I had no problems with it at all. I really like this laptop.

but yesterday I got call of duty ww2 and when I play it my cpu gets around 95-99 Celsius and gpu 97 Celsius.

When I play csgo it's bout 88-95 celsius.


I read that ryzen 3550h can go up til 105 celsius

I dont know bout my gpu


So I have a few questions:


Is this safe? 88-95 celsius?

What bout 99 celsius?

Some people told me if it doesnt go over 100 it's all good, but I dont think so, I dont know.


I am very worried because I don't want to damage my laptop. Can someone tell me what can I do?


Thanks in advantage!