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5700xt crashing

Question asked by sstadler on Apr 28, 2020

5700xt crashes when I try to load games or any demanding software. i.e. the moment I click start in furmark, black screen. On COD, when I get to warzone menu, black. (NOT during game play). I've tried 7 different drivers and none work (including drivers from July, Sept, December, Jan, and the most recent few as well), I've flashed a bios update, updated cpu and mobo drivers too.


I'm pretty sure it's only the GPU crashing, when I click start the screen goes black INSTANTLY and then Windows restarts but it's as if it's loading from a sleep or hibernation state because it loads quite a bit faster than normal. Most people have posted crashes after some game play, I'm not getting ANY game play.



I have the sapphire pulse 5700xt, ryzen 3600, 16gig @stock 2600mhz on a b450 pro-vdh max. psu is an evga 650w gold from 2012. I was thinking it could be the PSU, however I've never had any instability even using it with a gtx 660ti and xeon x5675 previously. 


Windows is installed on an m.2 nvme drive on a clean install, I have 3 other hard drives but they're all currently not connected via sata.


I'm running out of options here. Any one have any advice?

Edit: Okay, I was able to get Resident Evil 3 to play for about 30 minutes with no issues and then it crashed again. Tried other games since and still nothing. I'm currently on 19.12.1 with devices pointing to 20.4.2 based on some things I've read here, but still crashing.