To crossfire my RX 480 or not that is the question

Discussion created by cptluckystar on Apr 28, 2020
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  1. Whether 'tis nobler to stay single GPU, or double the pleasure and to do so end the suffering, Ok enough pseudo Shakespeare. So  I just recently purchased a Asus Strix B450-F motherboard that has crossfire, so I'm considering a CF with my Gigabyte RX 480 8gb, on a reddit discussion, it was mentioned  about how the structure in this case Polaris, needs to be the same, some were saying to CF 2 exact 480s or you can go up or down, IE 580 or 470 some were saying, just sell the AMD card and get an Nvidia, of course those are Nvidia fans, I have a a freesync monitor so I won't consider that at the risk of losing that important feature not to mention Nvidia cards are more pricey. Some questions I haven't gotten an answer to is, does the VRAM need to be the same, could I just pair a 4gb card with the 8gb being the main one? Is it as simple these days as just installing the cards no cable needed? What about the power cable does that get split or does there need to be 2 seperate power connectors? I'm on a tight budget since I just bought the mobo and 32gb memory. What card should I get if any? If I sold the RX 480 and was going to upgrade It probably be a Vega 56 card, but that is not really affordable for me, considering an RX 480 goes for as little as $90 + shipping. in case your wondering what I do mostly on my PC? I play FPS games like GTA, Flight and Space sims, 3rd person games as well, sometimes stream at the same time, don't play to many AAA titles sometimes video editing/rendering. Rarely overclock I can OC the RX 480 stable at 1.4 with Afterburner, have a Ryzen 7 1700 with Wraith coole but will be changing over to a cooler master liquid cool cooler when I upgrade so maybe do more OC in the future, funny thing is 1700 don't really need that much cooling since the run so cool to begin with, last I did a Ryzenmaster OC from stock 3000 to around 3800 and temps went no higher than 51 C, Werll that ps TMI but thought I would share that info Anyhow As you can see I'm a newb when it comes to CF, I have time to decide, I'm expecting the Mobo next Wed maybe sooner maybe later it's from Amazon so hard to say, I will most likely buy the 2nd graphics card used, like I did the RX 480.