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R5 3600 frequency are lower than specified under necessary conditions. So where is my missing MHz ?

Question asked by actionoid on Apr 28, 2020
Latest reply on May 1, 2020 by actionoid

Having re-read a bunch of foreign and not so much forums, having reviewed a bunch of videos, I came to the conclusion that I lost in the "silicon lottery". Or did not ?

Just yesterday I found a video with the same build as mine: R5 3600 + B450 Mortar Max. There i'm could clearly see that in the game the CPU frequency was constantly in the range of 4.175/4.200 Ghz, at 60+ degrees. In my own case, in the same game and, in principle, in any other game, the frequency is at 4.05/4.075, at an average temperature of 55 degrees, that is, above 60c temperature does not rise in any game. When i'm turn on PBO with 10x scalar and AutoOC +200 Mhz, only 50/75 Mhz is added, and the temperature remains at 55/58s, but the average voltage in games grows by ~100 mv and so it was decided to turn off PBO due to its complete useless. In other words, even with PBO there are no frequencies specified by the manufacturer.

Below is a screenshot from Far Cry 5, which, according to the idea, lies more on one core. Does anybody have same problem ?

PS: Bios is the last one, nothing has changed on previous versions. Windows 10 with the latest updates. Tried different power plans.