AMD Relive quality is bad (screen record)

Discussion created by perrymiau on Apr 28, 2020
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Hi guys,


Please check the following video:


Around second 10 you will observe that the image is stuttering for about 1 second. It`s like the video quality drops from 1080p to 360p. This behavior appears to appear at least once in a 10 second interval, sometimes more often (a few times inside a 10 second interval).


My PC setup is:

AMD Ryzen 3600X

MSI x570 Gaming Plus


AMD Radeon RX 5700xt 50th anniversary

Cooler Silentium Spartan3 RGB

SSD Kingston A2000 1TB

Seasonic 650W PowerSource


The game I am playing is World of Warcraft - everything setup on ultra.

I checked the performance tab on the AMD software and during play + screen record i get the following loads:


utilization - usually stays between 30% and 50% (very rarely jumps to 60%) the temperature is usualy at around 40C as i have a good airflow provided by 3 ventilators. The PC case is pretty large and prevents PC heat-up.


This behavior appears anytime i record my screen. It doesn`t matter if i just opened my pc or I have been playing for hours. I tried in CS GO the stutter isn`t that bad but the quality is not the same to what i am seeing inside the game.



Other details:

- I am using only 1 monitor

- The monitor was setup to 59Hz, moved it to 60Hz after a google search - same issue (monitor is viewsonig VA2231 seeries)

- I tried lowering/increasing the screen resolution and video bit rate in the AMD software - same issue at any change

- I lowered mouse Polling Rate (google search sugestion) from 500HZ to the minimum of 125HZ

- All the drivers are up to date

- Using Windows 10 and the computer is brand new (assembled about 2 weeks ago) and i am not experiencing any issues with it besides the screen recording explained in this topic.


Attached you will find pictures with my settings.



I spent hours on google searches in order to troubleshoot this issue but nothing seems to work. Please help!