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Ryzen 7 2700X missing backplate to fix Fan to motherboard

Question asked by guir on Apr 28, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2020 by elstaci


I bought a processor AMD Ryzen7 2700x and a motherboard Rog Strix x470-F in second Hand

However, the guy who sold me these forgot to give me the backplate to fix the Heat sink Fan to the motherboard and a seems to refuse to send to me the missing stuff, asking me to come back to take it, but the lockdown's situation doesn't allow me to do so as I have to take the train, etc.  and I don't think that I will be able to go back and take the backplate...I even ask him to send me a picture of the missing piece to order it on a website, but he doesn't even send me this...
It is the first time I'm building my own computer, and I ask for help, I'd like to know which piece (backplate) I need to buy again in order to mount the processor to the motherboard


Thanks for your help