NOT SOLVED Heroes of Newerth black screen...Rx580 and now 5700XT

Discussion created by dalsim007 on Apr 27, 2020
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Had this issue with this game with the previous 580 8gn (Red Devil Golden Sample). Had tried formatting system, DDU cleanup, safe mode you name it. It was partially resolved by underclocking and undervolting the card (less frequent to not at all). Was especially good with the Adrenalin 2020 drivers set. I had a R9 280X prior to that, which never had any kind of black screen issues...


Just upgraded to a 5700XT hoping that this issue would finally be over. Now those black screens litterally crash my system, and I have to do a hard reset to get going (after which, I can usually play for a while with minor black screens that flicker to desktop for 5 sec or so). I have underclocked again and it seems to be better. Just like the 580, symptoms seem worse when using the DP than HDMI. 


All special driver functions are disabled in drivers setting (Chill, Radon Sync, Sharpening, etc.)


Heroes of Newerth is a pretty old game now, and not that played anymore, but would appreciate to know if other people experience the same issues. 


Considering returning the card and going green and hope for something more reliable... Would be a shame as I have been with team red since my 9700Pro, 2900XT, 4870, 5870, R9 280X, RX580 and now 5700XT...


As I typed this, comp went BSOD over VIDEO TDR_FAILURE (first time I get that one now...)