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Photoshop "export as" problems with Ryzen CPUs?

Question asked by falrinth on Apr 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2020 by hardcoregames™


I have just recently built my new PC with Ryzen 7 3800X on board. Other than having 1 bad memory stick everything works pretty well. However i have encountered a problem with Photoshop for which i coudlnt find the source, only to discover several other people with exact same issue, having Ryzen CPU. So thought its a good clue to investigate.

So if anyone would encounter similar problem please let me know.

The problem is as follows:


Whenever you select multiple layers/artboards in Photoshop and choose "export as" option, the window that opens is completly messed up. It wont load part of the layers/artoboards' previews, missmatch previews with items, and other functionality like checkbox of "8-bit png" also seem to be always working opposite to intended. In short: the whole "export as" module is hardly usable, which is major problem for people working on multiple artboards, tight deadlines and quick updates across the board of some campaigns.


None of the people i found could get rid of the issue by any means. Fresh installations, updates of drivers, versions rerolling and so on - nothing helps.


Im looking for other people with similar issue on both photoshop and AMD channels. Hence im here. Will appreciate any information if you have or heard about such problem (its not very popular in google search results yet). I guess Adobe focused on Intels all this time when AMD was in the shadows. Now its a new king in town, so they should iron these problems out (unless its unrelated and im doomed).


Below are screenshots of how it looks like: