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Info on Ryzen 5000 APU

Question asked by pokester on Apr 27, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by hardcoregames™

AMD Ryzen 5000 'Cezanne' With Zen 3 CPU & RDNA2 GPU Leaked 


AMD's Next-Gen Cezanne 'Ryzen 5000' CPUs Leak Out - APUs With Zen 3 CPU & RDNA2 GPU Cores

The documents were posted over at Anandtech Forum members (via Rogame & Uzzi38). It looks like AMD has already started work on its next-generation APU lineup and that is to be expected since Zen 3 core development has finished and we will be getting the first processors based on it later this year. But while Zen 3 would initially be deployed in desktop and server platforms, the mobility market will have to wait till 2021 since Ryzen 4000 just launched this month. But like the Ryzen 4000 family, AMD will again try to disrupt the notebook segment with more performance & higher efficiency unlike anything before.