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RX5700XT - Stuttering in most games

Question asked by rgraham_84 on Apr 26, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2020 by sasky

Hi guys,

Getting quite bad stuttering in most games with the following configuration:


-i7 7700k

-MSI 5700XT Gaming X

-Win 10 1909

-AMD 20.2.2 drivers


Went from a GTX 1070 which was mostly perfect to the 5700XT. Most games are pretty much unplayable.

I have tried these solutions:
1. DDU and fresh install drivers - 20.2.2
2. update BIOS
3. force BIOS to use PCIe gen 3
4. all special AMD settings (FreeSync etc) off.
None of this works. However I found that once I've saved the BIOS and rebooted, all games work perfectly, Far Cry 5, the Crew 2 etc - 60+FPS in 2160p. So I thought I had fixed the issue. I played for several hours and the card stayed around 59C with all games running fantastically.
Reboot and back to the horrid low FPS and stuttering. I tried a few more reboots, same problem.
I reset the BIOS, go over all settings, change everything back to my liking. Save and exit, games are perfect again!
So I think ok, has this fixed it? Restart and back to low fps/stutter. ***?
Back into the BIOS. Everything looks good. Change nothing. Save and exit. BIOS tells me I haven't changed anything so I just exit. Games are perfect again.
So I have tested this, and I have now repeated all scenarios dozens of times. If I boot straight into Win 10 I get god awful stuttering and low FPS.
If I open the BIOS first, touch nothing, save and exit, everything runs perfectly.
So it's kind of a workaround at least with my setup, but come on AMD! Why is this so inconsistent? 20 years as a sys admin and I have not seen any problem like this get resolved in such a weird way.