NITRO Tech, Next Gen Cooling Solution with Overclock Side Effect

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Now after a lot of trial and error Ive made a solution that helps almost every micro device and since AMD made the products I used in order to make the discoveries im given them first dibs.


So the theries I tested in this experiment , could I restore defective or non functioning components and can I make them function as (report normal) also could I improve previous generation achitecture using some current design tactics , last but not least could I improve overall silicon quality post production even finding future theroies.


Here is my conclusion.


My test subject, A Nvidia GT 730 1Gb 64bit ddr5 USED...



Base frame test as expected GARBAGE.

WOW setting level 5 1080P middle of no where...


Now ive tested so many different combo's this one seems to work for all GPU's and CPU's and RAM




You can see some spots werent making contact those would be the main issues with Game and Software PROBLEMS



Synthetic Silicon Gel Mixture non electric conductive. Place a good coating on GPU substrate RAM and Power Drivers.


Now spread the thermal grease onto the surface of the chip die and chip substrate makeing a linear surface of thermal compound. also making press piles on your RAM chips to make contact with your heatsink.


if should look like this.



Now press the heatsink back on and screw it down in a criss cross pattern.

I also put some 3M foil Tape on the Drivers and use the coils as heat spreaders.


After heating it up with benchmarks and wiggleing the heatsink a couple of times ti make sure the whole substrate ram and chip die are pressed to the heatsink.


here is WOW after. same settings.

WOW setting 5 1080P above stormwind. Doubled Framerate and Reduced latency by Half.