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how to reinstate onboard audio devices after intallin 2020 adrenaline graphics drivers?

Question asked by ropes on Apr 26, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2020 by hardreset

I just installed the new adrenaline graphics driver on my system running a Radeon R9 270x graphics card after experiencing some crashes in games. After the installation was complete I had no audio during troubleshooting I found all my previous sound options had been replaced by 5 instances of AMD HDMI audio.


I first attempted to reinstall the Realtek high definition audio driver three times to no avail. I then attempted to uninstall the graphics driver and install the Realtek driver again, without success.


This drive has caused me a lasting issue with my computer audio. I do not wish to do a full system restore. Please provide assistance to rectify the issue.