MSI RX 5700xt Not detecting WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) HDMI headset

Discussion created by orvis25 on Apr 25, 2020
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I upgraded from my vega 56 to a Rx 5700xt today. 


I had issues on the Vega 56 card in terms of not being able to run the WMR software with Super resolution enabled (caused display driver crashing, already reported it 3 months ago, AMD has still released no fix for this issue), but now i am having different issues. 


I know the Error 1-4 is a common thing with the WMR setups, but even on vega 56 I was able to get around it by un-plugging the HDMI and USB a few times, and EVENTUALLY the Windows Mixed Reality software would detect the headset and run normally. 


With my RX 5700xt though, I can not get the graphics card to pick up the headsets display cable. I know the HDMI port works since it displays out to normal monitors/Tv's, so its not that. 


I tried all the ususal reccomended things:
- Downgrading drivers

- Uninsalling drivers and reinstalling (Using DDU for complete wipe)
- Uninstalling and re-installign all the VR software 

- force uninstalling the devices in the device manager and re-installing
- trying different USB ports 

- trying to to use a DP->HDMI adapter (granted, mine was 4k*30, not 4k*60 rated, so that may be what they one failed)


I finally caved today and re-insalled my entire OS from scratch, and got everythign installed and updated. 


I still can not get the graphics card to detect the headset. 


I know the headset works, because i used it just yesterday on my vega 56 card. 

The front of the RX 5700 XT says "Radeon VR Ready Premium", yet apparently the support for VR is WORSE than my non-premium VR GPU from 4 years ago. 


What files/data do you AMD engineers/support personnel need other than DxDiag to check this out?

I am highly considering returning the 5700xt as defective since I only have 30 days to return and going back to my vega 56 given how poorly the drivers are being supported, despite me submitting data and trying to do my part, AMD seems to not be doing theirs in terms of their VR driver division (see my prior statement about reporting 3 months ago supersaturation issued with my vega 56 and using VR applications).


I am not going to keep a piece of hardware that cant utilize my VR equipment. Sorry if this statements comes across as harsh, but it is EXTREMELY frustrating to spend over $300 on 4 year newer hardware, and have it have the same and WORSE issues than the piece of prior hardware I was using. 


My rig:

- Windows 10 x64 (Build 18363.720 (1909/November 2019 Update)

- Ryzen 3600

- Asus ROG B350-f Gaming (Bios v5220)

- MSI RX 5700xt Mech OC (Software Driver v.20.4.2)

- 16GB Gddr4 ram (3600 Mhz)

- LG (Gsm5b35, DP->DP 75hz Freesync, 1080p Superresolution to 1440p)

- Asus (ACI24c4, DP->HDMI, 60hz, 1080p Superresolution to 1440p)

- Sanyo TV (San0000, 60hz, DP->HDMI, 1080p)

- Acer AH101 WMR Headset ( HDMI, 2880x1440 @ 90 Hz)