Configuring Advanced Eyefinity Display Groups

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for reference:

OS: Windows 10

Graphics: Radeon R9 290

Software Ver: 20.4.2


After a power out killed a capacitor in one of my 3 monitors recently, I decided to upsize my displays and get 3 whole

new ones and use my remaining two as tertiary displays. I have them configured like so: 

Monitors 2-5 are connected to the video card. Due to a lack of appropriate adapters/cables, monitor 1 is using my onboard video. I'm getting a new RX 580 tonight that will have the correct number of ports to connect all 5, and I'll have the appropriate cables, but even then I expect this issue to persist (or even get worse) as it shouldn't pertain to anything using onboard.

What's happening is this: the Quick Setup option spans all monitors. This leads to the highlighted monitor, 5, being included in the Eyefinity Display Group. The layout there reflects the actual physical layout - as you can imagine, it's awkward when the right 25% of the game's screen is spanned to the top left above the left 25%. I want to use only 2-4 in the display group.

I would think this shouldn't be an issue, however there is no advanced display setup hooked into the new software. My only option is "Quick Setup" there is no "Advanced Setup" or even just a regular setup. I can let it automatically build the configuration for me, or not at all. There doesn't appear to be any toggle to exclude a monitor from being grouped, either.

As a workaround, I've dug out the old Advanced Eyefinity Configuration tool at C:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\CNext\EyefinityPro.exe

This works. This allows me to set up the configuration as I want.

I've also dug out the old Catalyst Control Center Additional Settings at C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD\CNext\CCCSlim\CCC.exe in order to set my preferred display, bezel compensation, center the taskbar on one monitor, and I can even from there create a Preset to reload later, in theory (in practice, it doesn't work).

Once I get used to the flow of this, it's about a 3 minute process to configure. That's kind of obnoxious to do every time I want to play a game. However, Eyefinity is pretty much only for gaming, for me. It isn't good for programming or browsing forums or anything else I do on the PC. Since there's no virtual edge snapping like my old Matrox TripleHead2Go had, I wind up disabling Eyefinity except when gaming.


What I want to use:

The new software has a really cool feature I'd love to use, where you can select games that, when opened, convert the desktop to Eyefinity and then back when they close. I would love to be able to use that, but it does not apply the "last configuration" - it just does the quick setup, and so includes Monitor 5 from above. In addition to this, it discards my Windows Preferred Display as well as my Preferred Display from the new configuration software, and sets my Preferred Display to Monitor 1. The onboard. And then proceeds to load the game to that monitor.


Question 1: Is there a way anyone knows of to do an advanced setup without using the old CCC tools?

Question 2: Has anyone had experience using the Launch with AMD Eyefinity to span only some of their monitors and not all?


I have also tried Disabling Monitor 5 and then using the Launch with AMD Eyefinity option, and that reconnects monitor 5 and adds it to the display group. The only way I've gotten it to work  successfully is by literally unplugging the monitor from the computer, which I won't do as part of a workaround. I may move Monitor 5 to also be onboard, but currently I don't have an appropriate cable to do so.