RX Sapphire 5500 XT Nitro+ Black Screen/Crash Certain Games

Discussion created by magnumcondiment on Apr 25, 2020
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by s3lect_me

So I have a RX Sapphire 5500 XT Nitro+ and have had it for a day. Fresh installed windows and installed the GPU was working fine for 8 hours and it suddenly crashed while play Rainbow Six Siege (Driver is 20.4.3 Recent one).It crashes and I try testing other games to see if it was the GPU or just the game so far it seems to be certain games for me. I also reverted to 20.2.2 version of the driver and so far it has worked as long as I dont play siege.

Destiny 2- High/1.2 hours Game play- No Error

Minecraft- Fancy-High/ 1 hour Game play- No Error

Siege- High/ 10-20 min Game play- Black Screen, Freezes and forces me to restart the computer.

Dyinglight- High/ 45 min Game play- No Error



I have noticed I also had Siege as a profile for tuning and that might be the problem, but I am not sure I am still gonna have to try it.