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RX 5700 video memory management internal (blue screen)

Question asked by jacobsi on Apr 25, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2020 by shaun62


My new computer is almost 2 month old and i still haven't figured out the problem. 

The biggest problem at this moment, is a blue screen caused by ''video memory management internal'' which no one really know how to solve as far i can read. But also some times the computer just freeze and crash, but with no errors and my motherboard doesent either show any problems! 

Some says its the harddrive, som says the RAM/memory and other says the graphic card. 

I have tried to reinstall all drivers, updated bios, checked the health of everything thats possible and i have been running all sort of scan through cmd and mdsched.exe. 

No error, missing files or anything else corrupt. 


At this point i am lost and very disappointed of AMD! - My first amd build and i have never had these problems before, had i7 4770 and gtx 970 for 5 years with no single driver error... TERRIBLE BY AMD


It sometime happens one or two times each day, and some times maybe one or twice pr week. 

BUT something is wrong and even with the newest graphic driver its still a big problem! 



rz 5 3600

16gb 3200 corsair

rx 5700 supercolor 

650w corsair 80+ 

450 gaming mb

1tb sshd

1tb hdd

240gb nvm A2000 kingston (IO)


Any with this problem that can help? i dont even know who to contact, before i really find the bad hardware or driver..