stuttering when fps goes below and above 60!

Discussion created by askgamer on Apr 25, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2020 by mstfbsrn980
Hey guys so i'm having my pc for last 2 years and i've noticed something since the build of my start to stutter when fps goes below or above 60.for example if fps goes to 50 i see very bad stuttering and it's unplayable(and i guess 30-60fps must be very smooth) and at the other hand if fps goes to 75 i see both tearing and stuttering(my montor is 60hz).however i found v-sync helpful and i could play almost every game at high or ultra graphic with stable 60fps and 1080p.but it was for two years ago now i can't run new games like i did before.and even on medium or low setting i can't get stable 60fps.for example in Assassin's creed odyssey with an optimal graphic setting i can get 40-50 fps which is not that bad for a single player game and i see a lot of people who they are okay with fps above 30 in this game.but as i said 40-50 must be smooth but it feels like i'm getting 15 fps!
i would be glad to see a solution so every answer is appreciated.
my pc:
Asus prime b250-pro
intel core i5 7400
gigabyte rx 580 4gb gaming
8 gigabyte ddr4 and 2400mhz dram
1080p 60hz display