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My core clock speed has decreased over time

Question asked by danone on Apr 24, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2020 by hardcoregames™

I got this Acer Aspire TC-230 around 2017 summer. In the past few years my PC has decreased gradually in performance for games, not being able to run games that I used to be able to run, not even being able to run that were said to be compatible with my specs. 


This computer came with a 2.2Ghz AMD Quad-core & A8-7410 APU with R5 graphics.

Only recently I rechecked my radeon to find out that my core speed had decreased to 847Mhz.

I'm really unfamiliar with troubleshooting hardware related things as I just barely understand the architecture.

I'd appreciate if anybody could help me.