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Microsoft Teams Still Crashing PC, Vega 64

Question asked by dstmnd89x on Apr 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2020 by singul4r

Microsoft Teams still abruptly crashes and reboots my system when using camera and/or screen sharing. I've installed the latest drivers for my graphics card (Vega 64), which notes that this issue is fixed, however a quick look at the event log is still showing 'RadeonSettings' as the culprit. Before I updated drivers yesterday, Teams would occasionally BSOD my system but now it just hard crashes and reboots without warning; much more frequently.


I am going to try another clean uninstall of the graphics software but would like to know if anyone is having similar issues. See specs below, thank you!


Ryzen 3700X

Vega 64 liquid cooled (20.4.2 drivers)

Windows 10 Pro 1909

Latest ver. of MS Teams