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Radeon Pro WX 4150 problem

Question asked by luez2 on Apr 24, 2020



I have a HP ZBook 15 G4 and it keeps crushing. Initialy the mouse will freeze, or when I am typing it will take a lot of time to show what i am actually writting and then it freezes. 

I uninstalled the card and left it with the default windows card and then it never gets sluggish or freezes.But when i want to use some filters in Photoshop it demands an Open Gl which that option doesnt even exist when I dont have my proper amd software so I have to install it again.

It is got to be the card. Or do you have any tips on how it can stop?

I uninstalled everything I tried to go with the Adrenaline 2020, it keeps giving me a message that something is running in the background. I disabled the firewall and it did again the same. It wont continue. When I downloaded the 

radeon pro platform it installs again the wx 4150 and it keeps on freezing. I am unbelievably desperate. I think I checked most of articles, tweaks, tips and tricks and I can't seem to find anything that could solve that. You are my last solution. I have 32mb ram also and and got ssd drive. 


Any tips (of other settings on the Radeon pro panele maybe?) 

I need help.


Thanks a lot in advance