HDD lost after wake up from sleeping

Discussion created by jodison1994 on Apr 24, 2020
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Hello there!! It is my first time to use an AMD platform and I am impressed by its high performance while comparing with Intel platform with similar price. However, there is something wrong with my PC. When I wake up my PC from sleeping mode, my 10T HDD will disappear. And these are my disk management site before and after its sleeping mode:

before sleeping

wake up from sleep

As you can see, the disk 2, or the 10T HDD disappears. I have asked some of my friends about this problem, and they said it is the common side effect for an AMD platform after wake it up. Also, I have asked Microsoft about it, their engineer said maybe my HDD have some problems. I have no idea about how to solve it. My system information is attached below. I am fully appreciate for any assistance.