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I can't give native resolution 1680x1050, cut edges, missing overscan in catalysts

Question asked by fajla145 on Apr 22, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2020 by myvekk

Hello me english is bad and i must use google translator...quick i have AMD radeon 8670d integrated graphic and i cant make resolution to native for me benq 2200w 1680x1050 edge is cutt off...i must have it in 1440x900 i have update drivers and i havent overscan.Now i translate it in google translator.


Hello, I got a PC from a friend without a hard drive, and after I put it there, I can't set the resolution at a higher resolution to the width, the screen will cut off soon. you know my monitor screen here

 Screen 1 at 1280x1024 resolution

 Screen 2 at 1680x1050 resolution


Screens are in order but at 1680x1050 I have cutt off edges already trying to solve over a week and unsuccessful but found out that many people have a similar problem and manin problem is probably missing overscan in me catalyst control center but I have no choice in AMD catalyst control center viz.screen https: // I have installed the latest drivers for my graphics, I even reinstalled windows on windows 10 original and all I have updated ... I try many and many drivers older without results overscan still missing and i cant put native resolution.all drivers removed here via DDU and installing another but still I have the latest drivers that I found see. screen

PLease what can i do ? When i put NVIDIA graphic to PC everything is good and I can put 1680x1050 absolutly normaly but with AMD i cant...its must be driver fail please help me.