5700XT: intermittent problems in Startcraft Remastered and other games

Discussion created by lubnin on Apr 22, 2020
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Dear Community,


I have issues almost every day I play on my PowerColor RX 5700 XT. Some of them are below.

  1. Starcraft Remastered: black screen and not responding. Example video here.
  2. Starcraft Remastered: artifacts. Example: "Artifacts_Strarcraft_Remastered.jpg" attached.
  3. Starcraft Remastered: purple screen and unplayable . Example video here.
  4. GTA 4: Artifacts and black screen. Example video here.
  5. BSOD (not often). Example: "BSOD.jpg" attached.


All of these can be solved by reboot until next time.


I'm on latest version of both chipset and video driver, motherboard has the latest BIOS but I also had the same problems with previous versions.


My Hardware:

  • Monitor: MSI Optix MAG271CQR (connected via DisplayPort)
  • Motherboard: B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI
  • CPU: 7 3700X
  • RAM: CORSAIR CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 Vengeance LPX Memory, 2x16GB
  • Case: Fractal Design FD-CA-NODE-202-BK
  • PSU: CORSAIR SF Series SF600 80 PLUS Gold


I've tired to underlovt to lower the temperature (it's not more than 80 degrees now) and to disable FreeSync, I think both things made it slightly better but I still have the issues.
I have no issues on Linux with open source drivers. I mostly play Valve games (HL, HL2 etc.).
I contacted PowerColor, they said they can RMA but it will take multiple weeks and I will need to pay for shipping from Singapore to the US and back which is at least 20% of the price + I will need to pay 7% import tax. I don't want to do this without knowing that this RMA will actually help.
PowerColor support said these can be software problems and told me to contact AMD first, they said refund is not possible.

I've already reported the issue via AMD software but nobody contacted me regarding this.

Please contact me if you need more info to debug this.


Thank you!