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HDMI Sound Output Issue

Question asked by faintaxis on Apr 22, 2020



I seem to be having many issues with HDMI on my AMD RX580. Initially, I had the graphics card plugged into my Onkyo AV receiver which then ran into my TV - however, the RX580 wouldn't display ANY output during POST (instead giving me static) until Windows had loaded up.


So, I then ran the HDMI cable directly into the TV. However, now I get ridiculous issues whereby sound just randomly drops - especially when trying to use Groove player, any websites with audio and sometimes games. Whenever this drop happens, I can see the Windows volume icon turn into a red X, almost like the audio device is getting disabled.


Anyone got this issue and a fix? Tried the usual updating drivers, reinstalling drivers, changing HDMI cables etc.


As a sidenote I used to have issues with HDMI on an old 4870 which made me drop AMD back then... nice to see a decade later AMD *STILL* can't get basic HDMI outputs working.