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ReLive problem with forza horizon 4 and other games

Question asked by markors5 on Apr 21, 2020

So i have been experiencing issues when it comes to recording games with ReLive. For example, i can record CS:GO and other not so demanding games, but when it comes to demanding games such as FH4, PUBG, RUST etc. my video is, choppy.. I have about 80 frames per second on ultra in forza horizon 4, and when i record the gameplay and check the details of the video, it says the video is at 24 fps, and i have set the fps in relive to 60. Also there is a bit of quality loss yet everything is set to maximum in relive.24 fps, but the ingame fps is 72+

PC Specs are:
RX 5600 XT

i5 9600k 

32gb ddr4 3200mhz

1tb Samsung 860 pro

Thanks for any help.