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3900x upgrade from 6600k

Question asked by legacymusic413 on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by legacymusic413

Upgraded from an i5 6600k to the 3900x but the performance in Studio One and Pro Tools is horrible. Searching online reveals users are generally happy with this CPU for audio production, not sure why projects I created on the 6600k are completely stalling out on the 3900x at the highest buffer settings whereas the 6600 would only struggle at low and medium buffer settings. Tried overclocking using the automated settings in Ryzen Master with no luck. I would like to try and get stable performance out of the Ryzen but my return date is approaching and I may go towards a 9900k build.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



WD SN750 m.2

ASRock x570 Pro 4

16gb 3200 Ballistix 

Rx 580

Win10 latest build

Studio One 4 latest version

UAD Apollo x4 

AA Discrete 8