AMD: Marketing VS Reality!

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AMD: Marketing VS Reality!



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X370-f Bios Update Page


I own a X370-F and it has been more than 6 months without any bios update, no ABBA 1.04 with per CCX overclocking.
AMD sold me a 3600 with a very bad silicon quality, one of the CCX can't even boost to 4.2Ghz reliably.

So i really need per CCX oc to replace Ryzen Master because it can't apply the oc automatically at boot!


Can the Community Manager woke up some folks at AMD to force ASUS to deliver a bios update for the old x370 board, enforcing the AMD policy marketed in the slide posted before!
Also the x370-F is kinda a flagship mb, it still sell for 230e here in France, still no real support from both companies!


To sum up, i had the choice between an Intel 8700k and an AMD 3600, i did the wrong choice and i regret going AMD.

Not because of the mb, i got no real trouble with ASUS this time, aside the bios updates.
But overall, even if the 3600 is cheaper, some of these cpu have a very bad silicon quality that make me regret even a bad 8700k.


This thread required no answers and it is solely directed to AMD Staff.

Also i'm a fine overclocker, hardware reviewer working in the IT field, no need to come here with not knowledgeable posts asking to try this or that, thanks you!



Bonus: The Rig we are speaking about, built initially for streaming games and withstand high compute loads.

Stable under heavy load: 3600@4225/4175Mhz, DDR/FCLK@1900Mhz C16, GTX1080@2152Mhz!

My Rig