No FRTC (Frame Rate Target Control) in 20.4.1 Driver

Discussion created by ghost13 on Apr 21, 2020

Hello again!


AMD is not listening to us.

I have sent Private Mails to People that work for AMD and are Active in this Forums. Nothing came back!

I will fight for FRTC and i hope i really hope that we as a Community get some response from AMD.

When i see that they say: The Community is very important to us. I think for myself "Really???" I hoped so but to this day there was nothing! Why has AMD removed FRTC? Why they are not telling us anything about this topic! Not even mention it in Driver Release Notes or anything like that or here where all the AMD Supporters/Users are Breaking their Heads about something that we have the right to know! What is going on?! 


Is there a compatibility issue with Navi? See Pictures


Bring back F R T C  ! ! !