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A question about the AMD adrenaline 2020 driver problem,

Question asked by thedarkzek on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2020 by athaki

Hello, uh, i think 6 months ago i downloaded the AMD software to have a better performance at games and other things. but whenever i opened a game or did anything, the screen would go black, the windows sound and the screen opens again and right down in the corner it says that the driver crashed...i have a rx 550, i struggled with this a lot, for a week...and whenever i uninstalled it. my graphics card would dissapear, i would have a crappy intel graphic card

and i finnaly found a way after 1 week to install the driver again. 

and now i discovered that they fixed it? i mean a new update or something, and i want someone to confirm that its fixed, so i wont have to struggle again