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Upgraded video card and no 32-bit drivers

Question asked by rimmeruk on Apr 21, 2020
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I've just upgraded and replaced my Nvidia GT730 with a Radeon RX 580. So I spend an hour removing my old card and installing the RX 580 to only find when I insert the DVD drivers for Windows 7/10 64-Bit only. What is going on here then I though, my NVidia card supported 32-Bit drivers ? I've been running Windows 7 32-bit for 10 years and it's stable and bug free with all my collection of games and apps from the past 10 years. Have I now got to ditch my trusty Win7 OS and install Win7 64-bit along with all my software and games just to use the upgraded RX 550 ??

If so, then I think it is a joke if I'm expected to do this considering 32-bit OS is just as good as any 64-bit OS.

Where are all the drivers for 32-bit users and why make it so dificult to download them or include them on the DVD that comes with the card ?


Sorry about the ranting but I'm furious at the moment after wasting time and hard earned cash upgrading the video card.

I don't usually upgrade hardware and if I do it's usually every 2 or 3 years. Never ever had an issue with 32/64 bit software.