My RX 5500M Not Load to 100% in Gaming Only 75% TDP drop to 25W

Discussion created by aizalabdulhadi on Apr 21, 2020
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halo amd im use MSI alpha 15..

My RX 5500M Not Optimize Run to 100%. in gaming only run 70-75% gpu load On AC unity,origin,odyssey Crysis 3 bf5, watch dog 2. But in SOTTR Control RE2 RE3 RdR2 ok Can Hit 100% in GPU load.

im already use driver 20.4.1 and new Chipset. im monitor use msi afterburner i see my GPU not run in max power. drop to 25w have shutter issue in game. AMD please update new firmware for RX 5500M to optimize this gpu.