Random BSOD video tdr failure atikmpag.sys with New Graphics Card

Discussion created by voleon on Apr 20, 2020

Hello, I've recently bought a new 5600 XT to upgrade from my old R9 380. However, As soon as I installed the new card and updated my graphics drivers, I noticed that after maybe an hour or two with general internet browsing or gaming, I would get a BSOD with the error "video_tdr_failure (atikmpag.sys)".


I've searched online for a fix and I've tried as many as I could with no fix seeming to work.


I checked online and noticed some areas saying it could be a compatibility issue, old bios on motherboard etc. So i bought a new one (Which I was due to upgrade anyway). However, the issue still persists.


I've tried the following


  • re-installing the drivers after a DDU removal of all previous drivers.
  • Updating Chipset drivers
  • Replacing the "atikmpag.sys" file
  • Creating a 10 sec delay on the "atikmpag.sys"

In total, the only effect I've made is buying myself 10sec of a crashed screen to laugh and then cry.


This only started when I installed the 5600xt. My r9 380 never had a problem.


I've actually had this BSOD while writing this... I'm seriously considering RMA'ing this card.


Is there anyone that knows what's going on and can provide some insight?