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3600x xmp causing reboots under stress

Question asked by jpipy on Apr 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by elstaci


Ryzen 5 3600x

2x8Gb corsair vengeance rgb pro amd optimized

rtx 2070 super

msi b450 tomahawk max(bios up to date)

550W Corsair tx 


When I enable XMP and stress the cpu the PC reboots.

The temps seem fine when testing them.

I ran several test and sometimes found it would be stable for a few hours so played some games and it would reboot, when stressing it after the reboot it would reboot again.

Stressing the gpu seems to cause no reboots and I am yet to get one with xmp disabled.

The RAM is on the QVL list and both are in slots 2 and 4.

I've also tried OC the ram myself with the correct timings and voltage etc still no luck.