"CPU Over Voltage Error! Press F1 to Run Setup"

Discussion created by llmikeybll on Apr 19, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2020 by elstaci

So the new bane in my life... recently getting this error message when booting up. True to its word the Core Voltage is running high at 1.6V. Updated BIOS, restored factory defaults and I can't change this, nothing changes this (Either manually changing the CPU voltage it or applying an offset) It doesn't budge. However I can bypass this and boot into Windows by disabling voltage monitoring.


Interestingly enough Ryzen Master, CPUID and a few other monitoring programs give an average 1.28V, with normal temperatures, not what you'll expect running at 1.6V!


The only exception being CPU-z which still reads 1.6V... weirdly.


So the BIOS and CPU-z read a higher voltage than what must be true? (Given the low temps and other voltage readouts). I read it might be to do with a failure of the system monitoring chip or its voltage sensing connection to the Vcore rail.


Any Ideas? Thanks


RYZEN 7 2700x