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RX580 HDMI Sound crackles and pops when in Power State 0

Question asked by dazmatic on Apr 19, 2020

Hi all,

I've recently got hold of an RX580 refurbished off ebay for a new build budget rig. Been having issues with it having hissing/crackling/popping sound when using HDMI port. 

I've checked and it's the result of high latency audio because of the RX580. Found, out that whenever the GPU is in the State0 powerstate, the audio latency jumps whenever there's a 2D render change, like hovering over a menu or similar.


Soon as I set the State1 as the minimum, even with the same clock speed and voltage as State0, the issue stops and the audio returns to normal.


I don't have this issue with my Vega 64 in another machine and it doesn't look like it's a particularly common issue so I suppose my concern is whether or not the GPU is knackered.