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Shimmering and flickering foliage

Question asked by brianzim87 on Apr 19, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2020 by rainingtacco

I recently purchased an MSI Radeon 5700 MECH. I've only played a couple of games since my purchase but I've been noticing some distracting shimmering on grass and foliage elements. Sometimes on structures as well. I was wondering if this is an AMD issue or is this just a game issue. Im guessing it has to do with AA and shaders. In both of the games I play I don't have many options available for AA choices. In Black Desert Online if I play on the remastered setting it uses TAA and the issue is gone. The games visuals on remastered cause an FPS drop in overly busy areas which really doesnt bother me. What does is the amount of bloom and glare. Its way over-done. So much so that night doesn't even seem like night. I hate it. 


My other issue comes in with Assassins Creed III. I'm replaying through the games on xbox and pc, depending on which system I have the game for. This game really shimmers. I will link a couple videos.


i5 3750 3.4 gig 4 cores
Gigabyte z77x-ud3h
MSI Radeon 5700 MECH

8gb Ram (unsure what it is anymore, been so long, my guess is corsaire ddr3)


Due to compression, its hard to get the full effect of the shimmer. Its worse than it appears.


Assassins Creed III:



2020 04 19 02 57 56 - YouTube 


Black Desert Online:
2020 04 19 03 09 08 - YouTube 

Any help is much appreciated. Sorry if this post is redundant.