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Ryzen hidden Offset Voltage 0.05V Problem in BIOS & CPU & DRAM & SoC

Question asked by japanman on Apr 18, 2020
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Ryzen Offset Voltage 0.05V Problem in BIOS & CPU & DRAM & SoC


(Requist : from Japan)
In BIOS of Ryzen.
Because the Offset voltage is being established 0.05 V without agreement,
I want BIOS to change Offset to 0.025V, not 0.05V.

I want you to change Offset to 0.025V, not 0.05V
Vcore Offset of Ryzen X numbler model is being established 0.10V without agreement.

Don't you stop to set Offset of 0.05V as 3 kinds of CPU, DRAM and SoC ?!!

" Decisive evidence "

DDR4 2666 CL16 1.21V
Micron A die 28nm (2015)


You must be able to use its voltage by DDR4 DRAM of 19nm and 22nm.
It's abnormal that it can't be used.
It's hidden, and the reason Offset voltage has been established.


Vcore and SoC
It has been specified by a report of the voltage.
Though it's so, the numerical value higher than its voltage can't be set and used.

When it's in case of Ryzen 1500X 3.5GHz.
1.1875V isn't put depending on a set any more in BIOS (20 ℃).
That's evidence for Offset 0.10V.



Thanks for reading!

A motherboard manufacturer is that I had everything my own way.
That won't be excuse.
The pressure of Intel is unrelated.

The voltage of the DRAM is that I have no relation in AMD and Intel.
It's a regulation violation that interference has even acted in DRAM.