W7 and switchable graphics

Discussion created by drgouh on Apr 19, 2020
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Hello again ,


My system:

HP Probook 4740s with Windows 7 Pro 64bit

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7650M

CPU: Intel Core i5-2450M CPU 2,5GHz

Chipset: Intel HD Graphics 3000

Display: Generic PnP Monitor on Intel HD Graphics 3000

Motherboard: HP 1846 (U3E1)

BIOS: HP 68IRR Ver. F.68

RAM: 6Gb

(I can provide other info if needed).


I just did a clean installation of W7 on my laptop I was previously on W10 but had a lot of issues with "switchable graphics" so I decided to go back on W7.

I did all the updates through Windows Update, I uninstalled and cleaned my laptop from any former drivers for my GPU.

When I tried to update my AMD and Intel drivers through Windows Update, I could access the login screen for one second then I have a BSOD telling me there is a problem with "atikmpag.sys".

I tried a bunch of things I saw on the Internet (delete the file, expand it with another file...) but nothing works, I now have to deactivate my GPU (and the chipset) and can only use my laptop with the basic gpu from Microsoft.

I also tried many different drivers (from HP, from AMD, from Windows), none of them worked.

I always have either a "code 43" error or the BSOD.

I also read that updating the BIOS could improve things but my laptop is a used one and its BIOS is locked with a password I do not have (I've also tried to bypass it, no success...). If there is a way to force a BIOS update I'm willing to try.

I've also read the BSOD is sometimes caused by the GPU death therefore if there is a way to verify that, that would be great too.

I'm pretty desperate and willing to try anything since I've already tried so much...


Tell me if I can provide any more useful information.