Black screen after installing AMD Radeon 7400m HP Probook 4530s

Discussion created by novicebgr on Apr 19, 2020

Hello, everybody!

I just want to confirm is it hardware related issue, or software. I have hp Probook 4530s, i7 2670qm powered machine with both Intel hd 3000 and AMD Radeon 7400m graphic cards. Originally it was an i5 2450m processor which I replaced with the i7. The laptop was ok for more than an year with it, furthernmore it's a possible CPU for that laptop. I even replaced my screen with a 1920-1080 crystal clear display with beautiful colours and put a 720GB SSD inside and the laptop really works great with them.

I was running Windows 10 64 bit, which wasn't updated for a long time before I did the 1903 feature update. It was running both GPUs until one day out of stupidity I did update the radeon drivers and problems started. As soon as Radeon driver is installed, the screen turns black and the fan starts at maximal speed. When I restart from the hardware button, the laptop goes to Win 10 Blue window logo and after the spinning dots there is some glitchy screen like while changing channels on an old TV and then after less than a second it goes black and the fan starts working very noisy. After approximately 1-3 mins it shuts down due to overheating. When I go to safe mode and delete the radeon driver, the laptop can start normal even with the maximal HD resolution for my new display, using the Intel HD graphics only. 

I remember, that when I installed Win 10 for a first time on than machine 1.5 year ago, I experienced the same difficulties, but at that point I was able to trick it to work with both videocards (although without Catalyst Control Center installed) - a workaround that I can not remember now, how did I achieve that at this time.

There are few things that I have to mention - I've tried literally all the available drivers for that videocard - Catalyst 15.7, 14,1, 14,2, Crimson edition 16.2.1, Leshcat drivers, Drivers for Windows 8.1 or 7, drivers from HP 4530s drivers download page, from AMD download page - nothing helped me. With some Leshcat Installations the Radeon seemed to install well and then while just browsing or using Word, the laptop goes out of a sudden into black screen and needs to be restarted.

Yesterday I downgraded to windows 7 with the hope, that it will bear that driver better, since the laptop has been designed to work with windows 7 - not a good decision - when I install the driver, downloaded from the HP website, the moment that it installs, the laptop goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor in the left upper corner of the screen. And again, when I get rid of the Radeon driver in safe mode, the laptop can work on max resolution only using Intel HD 3000 GPU.

What is wrong with the Radeon GPU - is it faulty and how can I check it before I disassemble the whole laptop?

And how can I check the exact model of the GPU - 6470m, 6490m, 7400m or 7470m - it has displayed as all the above (except for 6470) in Device manager, while different drivers were being installed, the moment before the screen goes black. I see that 6470 is compatible with this laptop (the 4530 model has been sold with it) and I see a few brand new 6470s on the internet, waiting to be bought. But I am not sure exactly my machine will work with it, cause it never displayed this one, but  as 7400m and 6490m instead. Thanks in advance for the assistance!