Questions about upgrading the memory of the Ideapad S145 Ryzen 7 3700u notebook

Discussion created by monster182 on Apr 18, 2020
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Hi guys, sorry for the English, I'm Brazilian and I'm using the translator



I would like to clarify a doubt, I finalized the purchase of an S145 Ryzen 7 3700-U ... I want to update a memory and add a 16 GB comb in the coming months, the (soldered) memory is 4 GB and 2400Mhz CL-17, the problem is that it is difficult to find variety and competitive price of memories with latency 17 here in my country ....



Does it matter if I add a memory in the comb with latency different from the soldered memory ???
Example: (4gb ddr4 2400 soldered on 17-latency motherboard) + 16gb ddr4 2400 hyper-x latency-14? Or the 16-latency corsair?



(4gb 2400mhz CL17 (soldered) + 16gb 2400mhz CL14 = 20gb total)
Can different latencies affect the performance or stability of the processor in the long run?



I know that the most important thing is the frequency, but I was curious ...


Another doubt, is there a possibility of a future modification (driver) to be unlocked for greater use of ddr memory for graphics (integrated) that can make better use of ddr? ????