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Display works with Microsoft Basic Display Driver but not with AMD driver

Question asked by cosmicvoyager on Apr 18, 2020
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I am using a Radeon RX 570 and a Vizio E24-C1 TV plugged into a DisplayPort on the card with an active DisplayPort to HDMI cable.


My display works perfectly with the Microsoft Basic Display Driver but if I install the AMD driver, it stops working.


After I install the AMD driver and restart, I see the windows logo, but then the screen goes black and the TV says "No Signal"


So, this is a shortfall of the AMD driver. It is not supporting something the Microsoft Basic Display Driver does. Please fix it.


If there is any setting I can change to make it work with the AMD driver installed please tell me because I need the AMD driver to plug in more displays. Is it possible to have one port use one driver and other ports use a different driver? I doubt it. I think they just need to fix the driver.