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CS:GO and COD:MW problems

Question asked by lowerkey on Apr 18, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by lowerkey

Hello guys, I'm experecing problems on powercolor rx 5700.
I have problems with COD:MW and CS:GO
What drivers i've used: 20.2.2 and 20.4.1


What about COD:MW:
1st: System crashes after a few minutes or hours of playing. (sometimes with yellow screen of death or just artifacts then black screen).
I tried to install windows 7 for COD:MW, and now game crashes without system crash.
After system/game crash I can't play COD:MW for few hours. it just crashes my system/game


What about CS:GO:
1st: VAR value is bad when i play on ultra.
2st: Some custom player models can crash game. (I tried this player model on a lot of gpus and only mine rx 5700 crashes with some of them).

I tried to install windows 7 for csgo too and game starts perfectly with this custom model, but... face are black.
In Game Console i found that errors:

"Video driver has crashed and been reset, re-uploading resources nowError reading material data materials/models/player/custom_player/monsterko/qinli/face.vtf"
Error reading material data "materials/models/player/kuristaja/stormtrooper/stormtrooper_helmet.vtf"
Error reading material data "materials/models/player/custom_player/monsterko/qinli/face.vtf"


You can see that there are 2 player models that works bad on rx 5700.


I attached a screenshot where i was able to join the game (only in windows 7).


My PC:

ryzen 2600

msi b450 pro vdh plus

16gb 2133mhz ram

powercolor rx 5700



2019-Edition-19.12.1-Dec2 i experience same issuses in win10 like in win7. System doesn't crash anymore