HPC-AI drivers for recent AMD GPUs ( similar to 2017 AMD Crimson Blockchain drivers )

Discussion created by sergeykostrov on Apr 18, 2020
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I address my message to AMD Radeon Drivers Group. In 2017 you've released a set of drivers for Crypto-Mining Community: AMD Crimson Blockchain drivers available at

Could you make a refresh and release updated version of Radeon GPU drivers for an HPC-AI Community?

Note: For multi-GPU compute intensive tasks using OpenCL and Not for Graphics.

The work I personally tasked is related to optimization of Molecular Dynamics software using external AMD GPUs on Dell Precision Mobile Workstations. My setup could be viewed at and, unfortunately, I can Not use latest generations of AMD Radeon RX 5000-series GPUs since they are Not supported by already obsolete AMD Crimson Blockchain drivers.