Problem with a Microsoft lab on Hyper-V with AMD Ryzen

Discussion created by dataplus on Apr 17, 2020



I am trying to run the lab at, which is made up of multiple user virtual machines and as many servers.


I am running it on a computer with an AMD Ryzen 3900X with 32GB of memory and W10 Pro 1909 at the latest patch level, with Hyper-V. The lab is installed perfectly, and the user virtual machines run fine. The problem I have with virtual servers, that when I "turn them on" they stop on their own within 2-3 seconds of starting them.


In the event viewer I see a message saying "'HYD-GW1' was restarted due to an unrecoverable error in a virtual processor that caused a triple error. If the problem persists, contact Technical Support." , for each of the servers that do not start. From the searches I've done on the internet, this problem seems to be solved with the patch at, or so I understand it , but I only see that it applies to w10 1809, unless it was already incorporated in W10 1909 as this is later.


On the other hand, I have installed this same laboratory, on a computer with an Intel i7 with 16 Gb and W10 Pro 1909 (also at the latest patch level), also with Hyper-V, and in it the virtual servers of the laboratory work correctly. , but for lack of cores I cannot launch the complete laboratory.


Can someone give me a hand? Do I need any special configuration for being AMD in Hyper-V?