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Resume from Hibernate Freeze

Question asked by lmstearn on Apr 17, 2020

Hi there,

Old rig on an FX6200 (specs) W10 1909 experiencing freeze on hibernate wake up. The hang occurs right at the beginning of the Windows startup from hibernation (cold startups are fine) so AHAICS there is absolutely nothing logged in the CBS log or any of the Windows event logs. Windows has no record of the boot at all.

What's been done


  • Disabled Fast startup.
  • Removed suspect Emtec 64 Click Flash with "bad blocks."
  • Unsuccessful hibernate on a High Performance power plan (used to work up to and including Windows 10 1809), although Windows Event 208 occurs on every regular bootup.
  • Update NVIDIA GTX 650 to version 445.87 (see attachment).

What hasn't been done is physically disconnect a legacy Logitech keyboard responsible for hibernate issues described in this post. Although the keyboard is configured not to wake the PC from hibernation, it might be sending the wrong signals to the processor at startup still.

Is there anything at the BIOS settings likely to be of any use here?

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Thanks for reading.