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Voice-chat not recording Modern Warfare @Relive

Question asked by f1rebladex on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by knightknight


I am currently experiencing a problem which I cannot solve.

When I am recording my gameplay with AMD Relive, everything works fine except the in-game voice chat audio of me and my friends are not recorded. Other in-game sounds like gunfire and explosions are recorded. So I went into the settings of AMD Relive and turned on "record microphone". Which then, indeed records my own microphone but still doesn't record the voice-chat of my friends (it looks like i am an idiot who just talks to itself).

Is there any possibility to record in-game voice chat with AMD Relive? I tried using Microsoft Game Bar and Bandicam. I got the same problem there. It records everything except in-game voice chat audio.

My system:
AMD 3700X
AMD 5700XT

Everything is updated to latest version.