3700x stock voltages

Discussion created by ajwalter89 on Apr 16, 2020
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Are these voltages normal? This is if I do optimized defaults in BIOS. When I run cinebench multi it will drop to a normal number around 1.25. If I run the wizard for the CPU in the BIOS it says I'll get an 8% increase in performance and will adjust to the second picture, but at that point it won't boost at all and maxes at 3.85ghz. Latest BIOS Motherboard is Asus ROG strix 570 E. I'm not adjusting anything in Ryzen master. (I know it says manual, but it's doing that automatically from the BIOS wizard.) New to this and just trying to get best performance out cpu but not needing to overclock. I do have the stock XMP profile for ram.