Fan Control and Green Screen

Discussion created by ruru92 on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2020 by hoti

I have recently build a new gaming ring with 5700XT, spec is at the bottom. 
Generally speaking, I am very happy with the card and when it performs, it does well. 


However, recently I have been experiencing some rather irritating issues. 
Firstly, when I play ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), it would randomly give me green screen and crash half way through playing. 


As normally, I looked into the problem, and noticed that my fans would be on 0 RPM. and only kick in when the temp get above 70, and in some occasions the card would get to 80+.


That is where I have decided to set a manual curve, which did wonders. No more green screen, cool GPU, happy days.

Until for some odd and explainable reasons the Adrenaline decided to reset my fan profile, to much lower than what I have set. As you can guess, I get the Green Scree of doom. 


From that moment on the green screen would be regular and the fan reset as well. As if the changes I make, never really stick or get saved.

On top of this, as of today, I cant even start Adrenaline, it would crash every one, like this. Every time!


I have tried to reinstall, all in vain. I dont really know what to do at this point and if I should contact the MSI for a replacement card, or if it the issue caused by the side of the AMD? 



Basic specs



CPU: Intel i5 8600K