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How do I notify AMD about a possible widespread quality issue with Ryzen 7 bundled coolers?

Question asked by kb1972 on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2020 by kb1972

I run a small computer business.


I had a  Ryzen 7 3700X based machine come in recently where the machine would hang with the display going blank and the DRAM light on the motherboard (Asus Gaming TUF X570 Plus) constantly lit. Once in this state, the machine no longer POSTs. 


The problem has been narrowed down to a faulty CPU. Confirmed with a different CPU in the same board and this CPU in a different board.


In over 30 years of working with computers, I've only come across a dead CPU once. And that was caused by a customer taking the heatsink off and putting it back on with only some dried up thermal material covering only patches of the CPU surface.


I did suspect the cooler on this Ryzen machine straightaway from the dubious pattern left by the thermal paste when the cooler was removed. 


I have also seen numerous other posts in various forums regarding the DRAM light issue (different boards), with no solutions for most of them. 

Take a look at the attached pictures. In "Cooler-defect 1.jpg" you can see the straight edge only makes partial contact with 2 of the 4 heat pipes. The 1st heat pipe makes no contact whatsoever and the 4th one is barely touching. 


In "Cooler-defect 2.jpg" taken further along the heatsink surface, things are a bit better but still far from perfect.


It's almost as if the heatpipes are sunken in further than they ought to be on one side. 


This leaves some parts of the CPU cool while other bits cook themselves to death.


This has the potential to affect a lot of customers and obviously substantial financial harm to AMD if lots of CPUs start dying - all because of some shoddily made coolers. Yes the rest of the cooler looks perfect, but that hardly matters if the business end is f*cked. 


Has anyone else come across any dodgy bundled Ryzen 7 coolers? In this case, the cooler is the Wraith PRISM. 


I think AMD should investigate this and if some coolers are found to be sub-standard, it would still be cheaper for AMD to replace these than it will be to replace loads of dead CPUs.